The brand that Elio Fiorucci founded back in 1967 was never just about clothes. It was an experiment in art, music and fashion that helped to define the culture of a generation. All that creativity led to a lot of stuff being, well, created. Here’s just some of it.
An eye-popping Fiorucci artwork from 1979.There’s so much going on here that it’s hard to know where to start. Tigers, birds, dragonflies, superheroes, a cut-out of Twiggy in the middle… and a graphic illustrating the rights of way at a T-junction. Why? Here’s a less boring question: why not?
For the generation who came of age in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Fiorucci was synonymous with sexiness. That’s thanks to Oliviero Toscani, the photographer responsible for some of Fiorucci’s most provocative artwork. Oliviero is no stranger to controversy.
True story! Fiorucci and i-D Magazine go way back. Elio Fiorucci was one of the first people to back the magazine in the early ‘80s, and made i-D founder Terry Jones Fiorucci’s creative director for three years. The relationship produced loads of exclusive ‘zines. This is the cover of Issue Zero.
What do you do when your company turns 15? You throw a huge party, that’s what. Fiorucci’s 15th birthday was held at Studio 54. Super stylist Maripol was put in charge of the music. She booked a then-unknown artist by the name of Madonna. There was cake. It was fun. And, just like at every Fiorucci party, the guests made a serious effort to dress up. Here’s just one of the photographs taken on the night. Bellissima!
The Fiorucci archives in Milan are a treasure trove of ‘70s and ‘80s graphics and art.. These two images are particularly special. The cherubs are the brand’s most recognisable motif, and now adorn the walls of the Fiorucci store on Brewer Street, Soho. As for the iconic ‘Swordfish Girl’, just look at her. Sex, power, graphic energy, fun... it’s everything Fiorucci stands for in a picture. We’re hooked.
Here’s New York art legend Keith Haring in Milan, circa 1984. Fiorucci had invited the artist to decorate the walls of its store. He brought along his 16 year old protégé, Angel Ortiz, a.k.a. Little Angle 2 (LA2). Over the course of a day and a night in October, this is what they did. To mark the occasion, the duo also left their mark on a pair of jeans. Nice.
Think Panini and you think football, right? Wrong! In 1984, Fiorucci collaborated with the Italian sticker manufacturer on a set of high-impact, highly collectible stickers that are still in demand today. Elio commissioned undiscovered artists to create 200 original illustrations, acetates and collages. The designs inspired Fiorucci’s collections then, and still inspire them today. Got, got, need, swap, got, need, need, swap...