You should never play on building sites. Never. Or…. OK, just this once. As Fiorucci’s London flagship was coming together this summer, we couldn’t resist taking a peek inside. So we snuck passed the hoarding, slipped on our “Safety Denim” and got to work. Here’s the site report, according to model, actress, musician and impromptu foreman Breanna Box.
You’re staying in London at the moment. What do you like about it?
I love the wit of the English. The pace of London is far more my speed. The theatre is incredible, the style is unapologetic, the roses in the front gardens smell like heaven and all the tea tickles my fancy.
What's fun about Soho in particular (besides the Fiorucci store, of course)?
I enjoy a good jazz night at Ronnie Scott's. I dragged (photographer) Josh (Wilkes) there after the first time we worked together.
Did you get any funny looks or were the builders pretty much down with it?
They were definitely down with it... I got lots of selfies and cat calls. By sheer coincidence they all decided to take their break while I was in denim booty shorts on a ladder 😑
What’s your take on the new Fiorucci?
I crave the old typography, the pop colors and the simple sexiness of it all. The angels are iconic. I got a kick out of re-doing the striped crop top shot.
There’s a great shot where you're leaning out the window above the Fiorucci hoarding. Presumably, then, you're not afraid of heights?
No I like scaring everyone else around me. That was my idea at the very end ;). Would have been a funny way to die…