It’s a connected world. Everyone’s involved. Deep breaths and big data. Free love and double taps. It’s a new tribe, with a new goal: nirvana, #nofilter. Frequently outdoors. Always online. You know what we mean. You’re probably a part of it. These clothes are for you. Log in. Peace out.

Fiorucci’s fall/winter 17 collection is digital and spiritual. It’s an all night rave, and the simultaneous livestream. It’s going back to nature. (And getting more likes).

It’s there in the fabrics. Cotton vs tech nylon. Florals and smoked vinyl. Leather comes in metallics. Colours are a trip.

Prints broaden the mind, some brand new, some spirit-channelled from the archive. Shirts burn with a psychedelic heart print. Parkas bloom with far-out florals. Combine them and clash them. Cut, copy, paste and re-post.

It’s made for adventures: communal; virtual; other. Brave the elements with a waterproof poncho. Free yourself with a see-through skirt. Try the thigh-high waders. Dive into the pool of you.

Missed any of that? Relax: here's the mobile version: good vibes, high bandwidth. Retro, in HD. Take it on an adventure. Share it with your friends. Shout it off a mountain: Earth, Wind and Wi-fi.