What’s black, white and sexy? Fiorucci’s new collection, that’s what. Playing it down with a monochrome vibe, Autumn Winter 18 lets texture do the talking. Shiny holographic fabrics pair with traditional jersey, transparent vinyl’s, and the occasional furry friend.
Earn your stripes
Black jacket, white stitching, white pants, black stitching. The angels? Grayscale. So hot they’re melting. White pants, worn black to front, panelled black-white-black. Oversized hoodies for when you need to hide from All. That. Attention.
Still, in the Fiorucci universe, nothing is ever totally black and white. Shake things up like sherbet, with a fizzy, fluffy orange jacket. Feeling more Wild West than Wild Child? Stonewashed denim plus a necktie equals Fiorucci cowgirl chic. Silk scarves finish every look with a Fiorucci flourish.
Ready to take centre stage? Choose a cherry red vinyl pencil skirt with matching nails to boot.
You think she’s in trouble? Think again - that girl has wings on her back.